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Caprock Bail ServicesCaprock Bail Bonds is here to assist you when you need us the most. We understand that getting arrested is a difficult time for everyone, not just the defendant. For defendants we are the first friendly voice they speak with since the time they were placed in handcuffs. From the arrest, transport, book-in, and holding cell, no one is “on your side” until you get to Caprock. We understand that people can make mistakes and we choose not to ever pass judgement on someone that is only charged with a crime. 

At Caprock we will assist you with either felony bail bonds or misdemeanor bail bonds from the very first contact you make with us. We will make sure that you understand each step and will answer all of your questions that you may have. The bail bonding industry can seem quite confusing to someone that has never needed one but it is actually very common sense. 

When a person is arrested they are only being charged with a crime and according to the 8th Amendment of US Constitution you have the right to bail. In some cases the right to bail may not come into play (failure to appear, murder, etc). A judge will determine the amount of the bail and notify the facility that you are being detained. Once that bail has been set the defendant can either contact a bondsman directly or request his family or friends to contact a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen normally charge 10% of the bond as a bond fee ($1,000 bond = $100.00 fee) so it is much more cost effective to use a bail bondsman than pay a cash bond. Once the bondsman has been paid the bond fee and all the paperwork is completed they will go to the jail and sign the actual bail bond with jail. The defendant will then be released for the remainder of time until the final disposition is issued by court. It is important to remember that a defendant MUST attend every court hearing or the bail bond may be revoked by the court and a warrant issued. 

Bail Bond Instalment Plans - Credit Services

Caprock Bail Installment PaymentsNo one ever plans to get arrested so there is often not a “bail fund” that has been saved up for. So if someone is charged with a serious crime and a bond is set at $30,000 a family may not have $3,000 in cash to give to a bonding company. This is where Caprock Bail Bonds wants to help you be able to still get your loved one out of jail. 

When you contact one of our licensed and trained bail bondsmen we will work with you to obtain your loved ones freedom as quickly as possible. Just be very honest with us and explain your circumstances and we will try to put together an installment plan that will leaving you feeling that you are crushed.